Charities: How to Optimise Digital & Campaigns This Christmas

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  • 11-01-2020

Tis' the season of goodwill! Christmas is a significant time for charities and non-profit organisations. The holiday season means individuals are more likely to be feeling generous and motivated to give more at this time of the year.

Charities and organisations can benefit from the holiday season to attract donors and fundraising while getting their names and causes out there to the public. We've narrowed down some top tips and insights for trustees, leaders and charity workers to consider when planning their Christmas push to end the year on a high. It's never too early to begin planning your digital Christmas charity campaigns and begin encouraging donations and brand awareness.

Analyse Donation Times

Consider the hours of the day when preparing targeted ads, posts and email marketing. During December, studies have shown that work patterns tend to shift during the month and to the month-end. This will play an important factor in marketing efforts because it will differ from charity to charity. It is crucial to analyse donor behaviour and find out the optimal donation time for your charity or organisation, to provide the most successful route communicating with as many people as possible.

Plan and Execute using Segmentation

A manageable way to plan for December for wider campaign planning is by segmenting it biweekly. The first two weeks of December should be all about building awareness of your activities and appeals using a variety of different media and platforms. Each social media platform has its strengths for different activities, this isn't a one size fits all job! For example, TikTok has a huge impact on younger age groups whereas Facebook may be better for spreading awareness of fundraising. Over the last two years, week three of December has been a peak period for donations so this is a fantastic benchmark to align your charity and mission focus. This week is also effective because it's often the days just before the public become extremely busy with festive plans, in the lead up to Christmas Day. Lastly, a final push during the end of the month on and around 20-26th are traditionally popular donation days. Paid media for campaigns, ads
and appeals should be planned carefully considering these time frames and how best to communicate your message with donors.

Be Authentic and Utilise Digital

Leveraging authentic content is an essential part of any campaign. It's crucial to drive emotions through your charity marketing strategies and appeals. By utilising various digital platforms and tools, organisations can get communicate their message at a larger scale, thus creating more impact and attracting support. The world of technology is ever-changing and expanding, and organisations need to be reactive to these digital advancements, to ensure a competitive advantage over others in the industry. Tech and digital have given us infinite ways to be authentic, creative, imaginative, emotional, relatable, enticing and more. It is no question that digital marketing, content creation and outreach communication is king when attracting support, donors and fundraising for a cause. There is a copious amount of organisational tools emerging in the market every day, for internal and external use. These tools make tasks easier, faster and more efficient and can be optimised for success and growth while fulfilling the needs of both the business and consumer.

Save Money On Tech This Christmas

If you are looking to save money this Christmas on fundraising technology, then the good news is that there are so many tools in the market to help you stick within your budget. Online fundraising tools are often simple to use and easy to integrate with various channels, while often being fantastic value for money! Tech has now become an indispensable part of the charity fundraising toolkit making it a worthwhile investment. Some of the latest tech innovations include platforms like GivePenny, BOPP and Wonderful. These platforms are cost-effective, simple alternative options for fundraising and donations to keep fees low during the festive period.


These are just a few ideas on how you can utilise digital for your charity or organisation this Christmas. Whichever you choose, know that you’re making the most out of the festive season and in turn, encouraging support and donors for your appeal to help others in need - and that is true Christmas spirit! 

Lucy Greenwell

Lucy Greenwell

Marketing Manager at Energise Technology

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