Charity Digital Roundup #8: Free Digital Support

Weekly Roundup #8

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  • 25-08-2021

Energise Technology Free Digital Support

Since the very start of the COVID19 outbreak and lockdown, we began our free support initiative for charities with their most frequently asked questions regarding how to keep their teams running effectively using available technology. Don't forget to check out the Energise Technology Youtube channel that includes tips for digital solutions! 

Currently, we are providing free discovery sessions for charities and nonprofits who need help navigating the new normal. Whether you're concerned about business continuity and ingenuity, wondering how to transfer services virtually or simply in need of a website revamp - we're here to help you navigate your way through the tech landscape and rise of remote working. We're here to help you grow your organisation to the next level while preparing for the future, however unpredictable it may be. 

Book your free discovery session with our expert team today to explore how we can enhance your existing digital processes to maximise the online experience for your customers and end-users! 

Today, we round up some digital communications nuggets from the last week which we think will be of interest to you and your organisation.

Best apps for charities and remote-working

Remote working is well and truly here to stay. Employers and employees can enjoy all of the benefits of remote working such as flexibility, work-life balance, productivity and working on the go, from anywhere in the world. Some of our most popular apps for productivity and collaboration are... 

Microsoft teams: We've previously discussed how many charities have benefited from the Microsoft Teams platform. The platform allows instant messaging, calendars, file sharing and video - everything a team needs for the hybrid way of working, easy communication and collaboration. 

Slack: Slack is another popular platform with charities that works on both mobile and computer. It has similarities to Microsoft Teams, with accessible file sharing and chat channels, and is extremely easy to use on mobile with its voice and video features.

Todoist: Digital to-do lists have become essential to help workers organise their schedules, saying goodbye to the humble pen and paper! The app is both for work and personal use on mobiles and computers. With its easy to navigate features and satisfactory tick-off-task moments, Todoist can integrate Google Calendar, Dropbox, Amazon Alexa for even more connectivity and precision of streamlining your day/week. 

Trello: Trello is a fantastic app for charities and nonprofits to manage their digital projects. Users can tag, update and track the progress of a project either on the go on their mobile phone or on their computer. Trello and Slack work extremely well together in the charity sector, as the app contains in-built connectivity by linking the to-do cards with Slack's channels.

Making digital communications inclusive and accessible for all

With the rise of digital communication, interaction and remote working, it is vital to implement assistive technology (AT) software to make tech communications more accessible for individuals with visual impairments or learning disabilities. Every charity, of any size, should look to lead with this objective of digital communications made inclusive, accessible and readily available for every group in society. 

Promote workplace belonging in a hybrid environment 

Many organisations have switched to hybrid working environments, which means a combination of both working at home and in the office. Some charities have even transferred their whole workforce online as we continue to navigate through life after lockdown. It's hugely important that staff feel a sense of 'belonging' in the work environment to combat feelings of dissatisfaction, anxiety, stress and fatigue. Research has shown that belonging is closely linked to engagement. Individuals who are engaged, feel more motivated and thus committed the cause. This is a winning match within the charity sector as it helps organisations to achieve their charitable activities while having a positive impact on individuals well-being overall. There are many ways to help promote the sense of belonging to a workforce such as regularly updating staff on news and projects, virtual events, showing staff the bigger picture of the cause and driving momentum with relevancy to the charity.

Stay tuned for more weekly roundups of tips, tricks and information of all things tech and digital in the third sector. 

Lucy Greenwell

Lucy Greenwell

Marketing Manager

As well as running her own successful eco-friendly brand, Lucy is responsible for Energise Technologies digital marketing.

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