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Weekly Roundup #3

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  • 19-01-2020

This is for anyone who's interested in what's happening in the world of charity digital, but are too time-crunched to scour the internet themselves.

Microsoft ends support for windows 7

If you are using Windows 7 as an operating system within your organisation, it’s time to upgrade to a newer version.

From the 14th January, Microsoft is no longer supporting this platform, so it will not receive any further updates, including fixes to any security weaknesses or loopholes.

Charity Digital has an exchange programme which offers significant discounts if you need Microsoft software.

You can visit their site here

BETT 2020

Focussed primarily on education, but having a huge amount of overlap and relevance for the third sector, is the annual BETT exhibition at Excel in London between 22-25 January.

It brings together a large number of technology suppliers and combined with workshops and seminars is always an opportunity to learn about upcoming technologies and how technology can be used to improve service delivery.

You can find out more about BETT 2020 here

ICO - Data protection registration and fees

There have been reports that a number of organisations have recently received communications from the ICO about registering with them or for payment of their fees.

This is a reminder that (most) organisations that hold personal data need to register with ICO and pay a registration fee.

You can complete the ICO self-assessment to indicate if you need to register here

You can read the article here

Microsoft aim to be Carbon Negative

In recent days, Microsoft has set itself a target of being “Carbon Negative” by 2030. By this, they mean that they will be removing more carbon from the environment that they put into it. In addition, by 2050 they will “remove from the environment all the carbon the company has emitted either directly or by electrical consumption since it was founded in 1975".

It's amazing that large companies are thinking seriously about the environment, but it also provides a strong signal to organisations of all sizes to start thinking about their environmental impact.

As charities, it's also important to start thinking about ways that technology can help reduce our negative impact on the environment. This might be as simple as replacing some meetings with an online equivalent or moving to cloud-based technology services instead of local hosting.

And don't forget that if you need any more information, or would like help transforming your organisation through the use of digital, we can be contacted through the link below.

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