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Remote working for Charities using Office 365

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  • 08-04-2020

This question was about technologies to support and manage virtual trustee meetings.  We also consider ways that users without access to computers can still join the meetings.




Online Meeting Equipment

Headset: Jabra Evolve 40 Stereo Headset for PC, laptop, mobile phone, smartphone, softphone and tablet

Speakerphone: Jabra Speak 510 Speaker Phone – Portable Conference Speaker with USB and Bluetooth – Connect with Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets


Guides to Sharepoint


Guides to Teams


Free Digital Support for Charities

Charities are crucial to supporting all parts of our society ... now more than ever.

We are offering free digital support to charities who are struggling with business continuity during this current crisis and are looking for advice to continue running their services.


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Neil Cullen

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