Twitter For Good: Connecting Charities Through Conversation

The Twitter Charity Fundraising Tactics you NEED to know about!

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  • 06-07-2022

We recently kicked off our #TwitterForGood series with Connecting Charities Through Conversation via TwitterSpaces.

Leveraging social media is vital when building an online presence for a charity or non-profit organisation. We started this series to help organisations enhance their customer and user journey through digital, by utilising the free and available tools already in the tech sphere. 

Firstly, it's highly important to understand a few Twitter statistics to ensure charities and non-profit organisations are making the most out of their charity fundraising campaigns. Please see a quick recap of some awe-inspiring statistics below:

  • Twitter has 330 million monthly active users daily and around 134 million people sign in every day.
  • There are roughly 500 million tweets published every day or 5,787 per second
  • Almost half of Twitter's audience consumes news regularly on the platform
  • The average lifespan of a tweet is between 15 and 20 minutes
  • Twitter is the 9th most visited website on a global scale
  • People spend just over 3 minutes per browsing session

These statistics are both impressive and a little overwhelming. They show there are plenty of users to engage with on the platform but they also indicate that there is a lot of noise that may need to be filtered through in order to stand out and communicate with the right people. If you feel a little like a small fish in a very big Twitter pond, then look no further. We recommend implementing these 12 quick-wins, charity fundraising tactics below. These will help you tap into your audience, engage with your followers, drive traffic to your website and ultimately raise awareness of your cause. 

  • Promote insightful blogs and share articles.
  • Post updates of every kind. Think outside of the box and have fun with it!
  • Join in Twitter chats and Charity Hour for charities and non-profits. 
  • Understand what content performs on Twitter, check your analytics and research competitors (this data is different for each social media platform!)
  • Post consistently and engage with your audience. This doesn't necessarily mean every day, figure out what day and what time works best for you
  • Use hashtags where relevant 
  • Emojis are very powerful, use them! 
  • Utilise Twitter polls to engage with your audience.
  • Declutter and streamline your feed to ensure you are filtering through the noise.
  • Use visuals and images where relevant in your Tweets to make them eye-catching.
  • Utilise your branding kit, colours and logo! Users will learn to recognise and associate colours and visuals with your organisation.
  • Engage, reply and nurture potential leads. Keep the conversation going! 

Social media marketing is extremely fast-paced but this is what makes it so fantastic to create a big impact on your audience. These 12 quick wins will help you promote your charity or non-profit organisation effectively and efficiently, and cut through the Twitter noise.

If you're looking for more Twitter related tips, then check out the rest of our Twitter For Good articles on our blog. As always, if you are struggling with digital - please get in touch to see how the Energsie Tech team can you help you today.



Lucy Greenwell

Lucy Greenwell

Marketing Manager At Energise Technology

Lucy is passionate about writing about technology and third sector insight to help organisations meet the needs of stakeholders and end-users.

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