Why You Need a Volunteer Management System in 2022!

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  • 11-01-2020

Volunteer management systems are hugely beneficial to charities and non-profit organisations of any size. Managing your volunteer database is absolutely crucial. Gone are the days when you must reply on manually entering data and information spreadsheets and other documents. Not only is the old way of managing volunteer systems time inefficient, but it also allows the opportunity for human errors and security breaches - which is something we want to avoid at all costs. 

Volunteer management software is more than just a hub to store volunteer contact and personal information. It also creates a systematic process for recruitment, training, coordination of volunteers and engagement. Thus, planning and executing a volunteer management strategy will accelerate the operational progress of the organisation, thereby achieving the objectives. A volunteer management strategy can concentrate on formulating the best processes to help volunteers complete their duties and perform to the best of their ability. 

Many charities and non-profit organisations are aware that they need to transition with the tech landscape and embrace digital. Often, they can assume that effective digital volunteer management will be complex and difficult to understand, install and effectively use. In recent years, modern volunteer management systems have seen a huge change and the market currently offers something to organisations of every size, low-cost options, pay-per-volunteer systems, standardised software and bespoke options (plus everything in between!). There is a system for everyone and with the right dedication and research, this will be a vital component in your charity's success and support in years to come. 

A volunteer CRM is an extremely useful tool to send emails, messages and communicate important information to volunteers and coordinators. This integrated system is fantastic because it allows direct dialogue between community partners and volunteers, without using a separate tool or having to build different segmented email lists, which is a tedious job. It streamlines processes and collects data and information that can be used internally and externally. Not only this but the lists can be filtered by availability, interests, performance, skills and more. If you want to learn more about CRMs, explore more information here. 

Every volunteer management system is different and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to deciding on which one is right for you. Simply put, take a read of all of the advantages below:


  • Ensures all volunteer information is one centralised place
  • Streamlines and integrates volunteer processes 
  • Improves retention rates of volunteers
  • Promotes organisation and productivity of volunteers
  • Avoids compliance with data protection
  • Enhances recruitment and training 
  • Ensures effective calendar management and scheduling
  • Promotes all volunteer communication in one centralised place
  • Avoids human error, risks and mistakes 
  • Ensures tracking, monitoring reporting 

Volunteer management allows charities to think strategically and long-term. By building a positive relationship with volunteers, retention rates improve and volunteers are more likely to return to organisations they have formed a connection with. Diverse communication with volunteers and coordinators is essential to maintain immediate and real-time relationships.

Regardless of your 'why' and need for change, volunteer management systems can help charities and non-profit organisations tremendously. With thorough research on the options out there in the market, as well as focusing on a volunteer management strategy, a streamlined system will be well worth the investment. If you need support in choosing and upgrading your volunteer system or CRM, please get in touch and we'd love to help you.

Lucy Greenwell

Lucy Greenwell

Marketing Manager at Energise Technology

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